GWBush Reign of horror

Massive Destruction

Worlds foremost terrorist



Quietly falling

2nd time
Will there be more


Today I lost a friend
Hans de Vrijer
is my friend,
is my teacher,
is my student,
is my brother in arms

Today I sand before the Father Creator and give witness on his behalf.

Thank you Father for your kindness.

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Just throw out the consitution

Might as well, the domestic spying program has just been stepped up. to use of spy satellites for use with in the United States. Now they will be able to spy directly to what is going on within the weasels bedroom to see if he is getting it on with his wife, oh yeah that also applies to any one else, Now they can search your premise with out a warrant anytime they want.

Well thank you Bush and daughters, you and your cronies are doing a fine job.

No More freedom,
Just slavery for the Masses

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Burns my cakes

What really burns my cakes is:

    Men who are sworn to protect the constitution of the United States to to create laws that violate and disregard it completely. People who benefit from a free economy refuse to pay at least an equal share of the taxes everyone needs to pay. People who have socialized medicine, medical paid for by the government accepting solicitations and bribes from people who do now want all the people to have the same medical benefits or privileges.

the list goes on and onA chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

The United States of America the nation of Slaves!

Mitt Romney — For Sale

Mitt Romney — Republican politician for sale, for details and early political favors Contact Bain Capital partners out of Boston for details, and how you can buy your way in…

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once again

Charges dismissed against soldiers in killings.  Well the final judgment comes not form some company commander covering his own ass, but from a source of the Creator Entity. I don’t understand how one can cover killing some one under the simple law of due not harm? Maybe the Marines consider Iraq citizens as non human, and are not covered by this do no harm law..  just don’t understand their excuses..

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