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Me at my Bench

Me at work

My Soap Box Location

This is just a picture of me at my work bench have moved it my art studio in our attic. opps now you know whre I hide from the world raving to the world. Some times I even work here.  ;o)


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Emptiness fill by being
Oh creator you feel so far away
I feel so alone.
So empty.
Knowing I am part of you
Being so close as you are my very body
You created my soul from part of you
Freely you have loved and care for me
Beloved creator.
Teach me to love as you love,
To care as you care.
Guide me into perfect harmony
Balance of knowing
Faith of a child
Thank you for loving me
I need you so very much
Help me see you in everything,
For every thing is you,
You oh beloved creator
First light of the world
Only you are truly great
Deserving of all my love
Forgive me for the barriers of separation
I have thrown up foolishly
Help me overcome myself
That which separates us.
Teach me to be humble,
As you are humble
Help and guide me on the narrow path.
The path that leads within.

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Hops are growing in my neighbors yard.
Brown in the autumn days
Wait for harvest.

Long days of growing,
Carefully building flavor
Special Beer

They hang from the vine
Just waiting

A time that never comes.
Flavor untapped
Like people

Just waiting,
for the next train.

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Difficulties are what we see when we take our eyes off the objective.

I have been thinking a lot about Kipling’s poem “If”. One line of many . “If you can bear to see the words you have spoken twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools. .. ” Politics today has become a world of twisted words. Arguments over the meanings of words. documents that could be simply written in a small paragraph are expanded into volumes. Words used to twist meanings, leaving confusion instead of clarity. Tools for deceivers to escape with like a slimy object evades capture.

It seems those that use many words ( like me ) to say simple idea, are dishonest. Not always but most of the time. When I point out what I feel is wrong, i have to wonder about the faults of my own. am I an honest man? am I a liar? It seems that what we see in others is but a reflection of who we really are.

Other people are but mirrors into our soul. the real question is do I really want to know who I really am?

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Bombing to preserve peace can be compared to “Fucking” to preserve virginity!
“Anti War tee shirt”

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I was listening to the news today. Israel is afraid of nuclear attack.

It is strange that the leaders build shelter for themselves, Leaving the people to fend for themselves. They are the ones that make the decisions that bring on the attacks in the first place. Hiding like cowards, they are not alone, it seems the leaders of the world all have their “I am afraid for my live hole!!!!” , Cowards all, Unable to face the reactions of other people from actions they have caused.
Protect me I am important they seem to be saying.

A total world driven by greed. the Greed of the few at the expense of the many. The many are the ones who pay the cost.

Sadly this is the way of the greedy.


Or at least a possible one, as there are many paths to take. but the object of all paths is that they lead back to the creator, or what ever you chose to call him. Each life is responsible for the action they take or decision they make. and if those decisions lead to violations of the laws of the Creator, and they are written in the soul of everyone. I didn’t know is not an excuse. If the laws (simple put “Do no harm”) are violated then there is a severe price to pay.

Yes the soul is eternal, and the preachers are right, a “Hell” does exist, though it many not be fire and brimstone it truth, that would be a very pleasant place compared to the reality. for “Hell” is so far beyond imagination.


Seek the Creator within – it is a way of peace and love — – –

From within will come your salvation.

Be Careful many will seek to lead you down their path, These false teachers will lead many astray with sweet and easy words, telling you what you want to hear. Not the truth you need to know.

Seek the Creator from within

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Terror grips world

Leaders building

They live one

Causing the world

From fall out


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