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Before the storm


Waiting for the spring rains

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Heretic in spiritual circles is not really a nice word, which makes me a misbeliever or an outcast. Those are the synonyms.

Why am I saying this? Because I believe in the spiritual divinity of man. I believe that Jesus is no more God than you or I am. At the same time because the entirety of the universe and more is totally made up of God the creator that simply makes everyone is made completely of the substance of God. That does not in anyway make anyone Gods equal!

Yet because of this unique relationship all people have with the creator it makes it possible anyone to reach the harmony and balance with the Creator that Jesus has. Life does not come to an end it simply changes form. The soul is eternal. That is God’s special gift to all of mankind.

To Pass on the myth that Jesus is God, is nothing more than an excuse to fail at what each person is capable of becoming. If people reached the realization that they are capable of becoming truly like Jesus then there is a loss of control. All people should be encouraged to follow in the foot steps of Jesus the world would be a much better place.

Please remember that everything I write can be wrong.

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Long the cause

By man to fit

Only serving himself

First light of Universe
And more

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