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I Tremble

I tremble for my country ,
When I reflect that God is just!

Thomas Jefferson


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FreeCell #9998

Free Cell Game # 9998

It was very strange finding this game as I played it with out using any free cells. Told a friend(s)  seeings how he played it too. well turns out there are 69 other ones that can be solved that way also .
I have always played free cell while the computer comes on line ,  the usual stuff like  firewall anti virus,  updates, I have always  tried to make sure everything is on line before starting.
Come to find out that there are people that are obsessed with the game . I guess that is a strange concept to me a it is only a game.
Though it was exciting for me it is still just a game, nothing to gain, but then again there are some things that are a total mystery to me.
oh well  maybe you can easily do it too.
#9998 if you want to try

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Syria friend or what?

The question I have is when the Weasel Bush calls Syria one of the “Axis if Evil”
and then has people innocent people kidnapped by the US CIA for torture, it turns out that they are taken to Syria for “Torture questioning.”
Is the “Axis of Evil” a code name to keep the real ambitions and illegal activities of the Bush and his Cronies?
Is the real function of the “Axis for Evil” to hide the Evil  Bush?

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I meet a man the otherday whos ego was so big he had to carry a umberella to keep from drowning in a rain storm!


Must be me.

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Secret Truth

You  =
Belief =
Life Energy


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Military Bombing

Just thinking about the effects of bombing. One thought that keeps running through my mind constantly is our (My) effect on the planet by our actions or even inaction.
Looking over the last few years with an morally impoverished man running the United States and his determination to wage war, for what really escapes me, Yes I know what is said, but sadly I don’t believe a word of it. Mainly because the American administration is one of extreme corruption.
His insistence of bombing to oblivion or so he thinks, is in reality effecting the entire world globally and not in the ways he thinks. I remember the stories of Jericho out of the jewish bible and sympathic vibration, Every time an explosion goes off there are vibrations the travel through the earth, and when tons and tons of explosives are used day after day, I can not help but wonder if these vibrations are what acted as an early trigger for the plate shifts that have been occurring in the Indian ocean and in the Pakistan .
These reckless actions by a few so called leaders are destroying the Planet and they don’t care or even think about what they are doing, all it seems they think about is their egos and place in the History books.
To bad they do not take the time of how it effects their souls and eternity.

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internet – idiots


Some time I get so pissed off about the Internet, considering I have had a connection since 1986. Don’t get me wrong it is much better today than it was you can down load stuff much better and the connections are better, and back then I also used my company to finance and support a small BBS (Bulliten Board Service). It was a lot of fun exploring a new world.

Back to Pissed off: well went to send a greeting card, I no long carry them on my web page because of this incident. being the cookie checker is am, (Born cookie monster – all types) I refused there offerings , The cookies were not to my liking ( I prefer chocolate chip – fresh one – only day old.) but when I refused their offering, they immediately sent a program to scan my computer.
Well my computer is my computer, and what these wicked witches wanted to do is none of their business. they have no right to scan my computer with out my permission.
What ever happened to the right to privacy?
Just who do they think they are?
I am all for freedom especially on the Internet,
I can not help but wonder if there should not be some laws that make computer invasion a felony where the people doing the action are thrown in Jail and their property and money confiscated , and that includes family, and if it is done by a company or corporation that the board of directors and the top level management are all thrown in jail. along with the confiscation of all assets both corporate and personal
I can think of no better way of dealing with these — a what ever – than hid them where their God is, the glorious all powerful Dollar.!!!

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