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Walk of life

To days world gives real meaning to the expression “Going to Hell in a hand basket!” It is very sad the state of affairs of the world. And it is very true that the rich are not wanting to disrupt their world. That does not mean they are not unkind. That is one of the difficulties with spirituality, is Judgment of others. No one is really in the position to judge another as you really do not know where they are coming from. Judging some one can get you into hot water.

When it comes to living a good and spiritual life it really and always has come down to each person, and when you consider sin not as a set of rules, but rather actions or inaction that separates you from the Creator entity. I know it is weird. What is sin for one man may not necessarily be a sin of another,Once again I present you with a glass of muddy water.

One occasion while i was sailing I was becalmed and my hand was dangling over board and a  single drop of water  fell from my  fingertip  and the concentric ring flowed to beyond my horizon, in that instant I knew that no  matter how small and act of kindness may seem , it has an absolute resounding  effect on the entire world.

The Spiritual walk is of that by its very nature is personal and you though you effect others,  you ultimately are responsible for your own actions and those actions alone. That also means that you have to be careful because each action  has a direct effect on the rest of the world.

Brightest of blessings


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Most people only get to visit great works of art.

The Dutch get to live in one!

KLM Poster

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Merry go round

Merry go  round
That is what life seems like.
Riding the ride

Round and Round
Endlessly turning in tight circles
Blissfully riding

Wooden horses
Painted ornate horses with flowing mains
Joyously onward

Life’s merry go round
Endless cycles of living and joy
moments of sadness

Passions rising
All Consuming ride

Merry go round

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Long the cause

By man to fit

Only serving himself

First light of Universe
And more

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New Used Cell Phone

I swapped telephones with my sister in law as she had a much older version and style of the Nokia that i am thinking of getting, It is the one that the keypad flips open to revel a thumb board and that is what I was interested in but a much newer version.

I was never quite sure about whether or not I would like it. It seems odd to me, but the more I use it the better I like it. The design was created originally for SMS messaging, it definitely makes that much easier the new model can take an external chip which can be read elsewhere, which I think is great,  the smart phone has really entered the computer age, as it will actually handle almost all of what i like to do.

Times have changed 30 years ago I worked with main frames, over 20 years ago I bough my first PC (still have it tucked away in my closet in the US (a Kay-pro 10 if some one is interested runs a zip log 80 and actually still works, ) Yes it is a true laptop (if you can call it that ) as it was totally portable weighing in around the 10 kilo mark  though. Now i will be getting a computer and phone and camera which will slid into my pocket.

Yes a new used toy and toy should be fun and this phone really is.

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Waltz with the Creator

I spent last night thinking about an email, it was a reply to one that I had sent off about some earthquakes in the Moroccan sea. My wife had just returned form a course on management and different personalities.
Strange combination of thoughts to go to sleep on. In my dream I was asked just what i did for a profession.
Good question.

Years ago I went for a walk on the far side of reality, and I asked a couple of questions and then went to search for the answers. What a strange path, but I wonder about if that was the beginning or not, as I have always had questions about the entity I refer to as the Creator. Even as a child, Looking back I lived in a strange world different than form others around me. So when this journey – quest actually started I am not sure.

Thirty years ago i had a couple of simple question … if I am “~~~” I had better find out just what it is all about. The second question was “and just what is the faith of a child anyway?”
Two distinct questions, my so called life was in total shambles and disarray, I started on a journey to find answers

The music played on and the Waltz began.

Today. . . .

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Portable programs

Directories set
data card

prying eyes

open to abuse

Oh well
fun while it lasted

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