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Morning rush has passed
Hurry little time to spare .
Slow down i am going to fast
Time for stillness within

Life is beginning
Renewed each passing moment
A gift from within
The Creator Entity giving live

Refreshed one moment at a time
Precious love
Pulsing with your being
A passion for creation.


Classical music seems to be what quiets my soul. A world of sound, blending, surrounding, filling, changing, repeating .
Listening to the silence within. Hoping to hear your voice beloveded Creator how I long to be with you as you are always with me. Sometimes it is so difficult to see the forest because of the trees. Everything is made from and of you, yet you are so much more.
In reading the ancient writings of the Hindu beliefs, they realised that there is only one God, so awsome in being and stature that they could not even begin to comprhend your precious being. They used aspects of you and named them like I name a hand, a foot, head. Each individual piece only make up part of me, but no part is the totality of who I am.
It is so strange when I look at the many gods of Hindu beliefs realizing that they are only part of you. I don’t really understand why people don’t want all of you.
you are so fantastic beloved Creator help me to be aware of your precious presence in my life, guide me into your harmony and balance, thank you for loving me.


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Early in the morning I cannot sleep same old round dream again and again, something about George but I have no idea what. Dislike that as it causes me not to sleep .

Well , did get some work done on a ring though so all is not lost. Can hear the birds singing outside always a little before sunrise . There is a word suggestion program on my pocket PC am wondering just what kind of thoughts it would lead to.

Okay will give it a go.

Thoughts often turn of the same style chain . Before entering the same writing format i have found personally the same writing format i know that leads that will guide me wondering just what happens questions that will guide from people responding for the universal guide .

Interesting in reality there seems like there is a small problems . I thought I wrote bad not making much sense.

Been looking at the Vega’s of Hindu origin, they remind me of the psalms and they don’t at the same time .
Slept for another hour. Saw the wife off, refilled the feeders, walked the dog, same old routine. Strange because I have grown to liking my routines, there is a comfort level involved.

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Again today the news brings stories of horror and destruction. When I listen to the news I hear events that have no regard for the universal law of ‘do no harm’. It seems like there is a total lack of the Creator Entity’s simple law.
I think that there is a very strange connection between me and the Hindu framework of philosophy. Oddly I seem to be able to grasp the essence of the Hindu framework. I am finding a very strange connection, one that I understand and yet don’t fully grasp.
In saying this there seems to be answers to questions that I have personally. My beliefs are of great value to me. They are not a system of reward and punishment.
I keep ragging on about the prime law. It is true you shouldn’t violate it, but I know that, where I really have problems is the punishment concepts. The Creator Entity I know is a very loving being, not a being of hatred and vengence. The law of do no harm, is more of a sign post that will guide you to being in harmony and balance with the Creator Entity.
It is this sacred balance that leads to the total union with the Creator Entity. That union always exist and cannot be broken. It leaves me wondering just what happens to those who violate the very essence of the rule. Some how an image comes to mind from the writings os Carlos Castinada an image of an great eagle stripping the souls from people. Probably have the phasing all wrong.
It does trouble me the lack of caring and self centered behavior. Reminds me of the fat lady in the great operas ‘me me, meee, me’ how much disdain do I need? I do know that I don’t really want to be like that.

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Where does time end? Or where does time begin? Or does time even exist at all? These questions and many more, sometimes reality seems to slip away.
Beliefs are one to easy to become reality, people acting on their beliefs do respond to what they have been taught to be true. Visions are one form of reality. Very different from the ‘normal’ world. There are many records of people responding to their visions.
The very essences of spiritual visions leave them open to interpretation by the person experiencing the event.

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Went to a Hindu wedding yesterday. Was looking for the meaning of a symbol, have not found what I was looking for. What I did find though was extremely interesting, though a bit scary for me.

When I was reading there was so much that was all ready known to me. ”The names have been changed to protect the innocent.” . Somethings become very scary to me, a bit to accurate for my comfort . I cannot explain it, it is just what is there. The totality of knowledge is just real, I don’t really understand, yet I do understand.

Writing my thoughts does help me remember. Remembering is scary.

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It is 5:04 in the morning waiting for the acid to clean the silver. Decided to sell my casting machine. I really don’t use it much as in reality casting is no longer important. As l am aging there is less need to do everything. Looking back I am wondering if casting was not a cover up for the lack of skill and creativity. Just a thought.

Been working on a new hangar (pendant) for my wife. We are going to Sabastion’s wedding today. He is marrying a very lovely Hindu girl. We (my wife and I) made a pair marriage chains, I call them that because in reality there is two complete and independent chains, interwoven, inseparable, just one silver chain. Made one for each of them. Placed them in a small jewelry chest and also a 1€ coin. Seems like it is a Hindu tradition to give money as a wedding gift and the amount is supposed to end in 1. Actually it is kind of funny as in the middle ages this same style chain, (single, not double ) was used as a money chain, being made of either silver or gold the traveler would remove a link(s) to cover their expenses and the shopkeepers would then add the link(s) to their own money chain, a true form of international currency.
I have been up for almost an hour time to return to sleep.

House is clean, waiting for the arrival of the groom. Silver is polished leather removed except for sandals that must be removed before entering the temple. L can live with that. Okay check, check and check, I am ready to go.


Noticed that there are marks on the touch pad from writing. Though I like this very much as it leaves me wondering just how well the touch pad holds up. Should do okay especially if there is a protective sheet covering it. It seems to leave me wondering though maybe the Nokia I like is better.
would like to sell my casting machine, the Matt gun and wax, my mouth torch and might as well sell my casting grain. But I will not let them go cheap, silver is costing oner.50 €¢ per gram, will have to weigh it first.

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I am realizing just what clutter there is in my life and myself. It seems this physical clutter is but a reflection of my mind. Even when I de-clutter the area in which I live, my mind is still cluttered so it is not long before my world is cluttered again.

In reflecting  on this could it also  exist a real possibility that my physical surroundings are of little importance to me. I know my thoughts often turn to the Creator Entity, to the point that it seems even strange to me. An obsession to put it mildly.

When I look back through the years I see a dependency develop.  My entire world had collpsed to the point I could not even take care of my basic needs. Upon reflection I smile because when I truly failed  the Creator Entity stepped up to bat for for me. The Creator Entity seemed to provide for my every need. It is real easy to become dependent on my beloved Creator Entity.
I have to pause for a bit to gather myself again.

Wow it seems strange to have yesterday as same intensity as today. Years ago walking by a church one Sunday I was approached by a lovely young lady who gave me $5.– so I could get something to eat. She told me that she was to frightened to help me more but begged me to take her money. Yes, what a sight I must have been to her, what courage I was allowed to experience.

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